Flexible Packaging Material

Flexible Packaging Material is a kind of customized, non-rigid packaging material – such as flexible packaging bags, flexible packaging pouches and flexible packaging films – that is used to store a product (i.e. food, pharmaceuticals, fasteners, beverages etc). Co-Pack Laminators LLP is a young industry player in the manufacturing and customization of flexible packaging material like packaging pouches and packaging films, including laminated and printed multi-layered substrates and plastic shrink films. The company offers cost effective and customized flexible plastic packaging solutions to some of the eminent food manufacturers across the globe. The Films protect and preserve the product and increase its shelf life. Films manufactured by Co-Pack Laminators LLP possess a broader heat-seal range, softer formulation and higher tear resistance.

The solutions are in accordance with the standardized sizes and designs of customer requirements. They are also in coherence with the latest technological advances within the industry.

The company offers flexible packaging pouches and flexible packaging films for an assortment of products ranging from food to pharmaceuticals.

Manufacturing Capabilities

The company manufactures multi-layer LD/LDPE, milk and stretch films. Rolls and pouches are printed and laminated on poly, polyester, metallized – polyester, aluminium foil, BOPP, CPP, Woven Sacks and paper. The company offers compositions like:

  • Polyester + LDPE
  • Polyester + Metallised Polyester + LDPE
  • Polyester + Extrusion Coating + Metallised Polyester + LDPE
  • Polyester + Alu.Foil + LDPE
  • Polyester + Extrusion Coating + Alu. Foil + LDPE
  • Polyester + CPP
  • Polyester + Extrusion Coating + CPP
  • Polyester + Paper + LDPE
  • Polyester + Extrusion Coating + Paper + LDPE
  • Polyester + Nylon
  • Polyester + Alu. Foil + Nylon + CPP
  • BOPP + Metallised BOPP
  • BOPP + CPP
  • LDPE + Paper + Alu.Foil + LDPE
  • Paper + LDPE
  • Paper + Alu.Foil + LDPE
  • BOPP + Woven Sacks
  • BOPP + Extrusion Coating + Woven Sacks